《Crashing Star》Genre: Kungfu | Adventure | Comedy | Fantasy | Musical

A billion standard film produced by Dorra Marr cultural media, cinema distribution by Wanda Film group, script written by U.S Hollywood writer Mr Michael J. Wilson ( Ice Age: Collision Course) , collaborated by China and US filmmakers and star celebrities to achieve a fantasy adventure story: an American big name comes to China and has an incredible adventure with some local fellows. They overcome difficulties and finally become a better self.

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《Prison Glass》 Genre: Thriller Sci-fi | Adventure

Synopsis: Imprisoned inside an alien structure, Kora, must escape the mechanized monsters that terrorized her life. While trying to escape she discovers another captive, a man - Isaac. Now it is up to them to work together and find a way out. But the truth that a wait for them might be more frightening than the monsters they are trying to escape. This film will showcase a human being fighting for survival against all odds, to fight for her survival and change herself from victim to fighter, to understand further more about freedom and responsibility.

This film is the first feature to the talent director Matthieu Tondeur started as a live visual artist. The studio shooting film will be well round supported by a great crew and teamwork who have worked with Matt together , to give every film a visual impact under low budget range from 4-6million but build a credible world with a high production value attached to it.

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《xXx 4》 Genre: Action| Adventure | Drama

《The sequel to the xXx franchise. The action packed adventure story of Xander Cage is back. This time, to deactivate the lethal chemical weapon, Xander goes through a series of adventure and six stages of chemical weapon infection, eventually fights against all the odds and saves the world once again. The Hollywood first-rate cast and the best crew shall continue the box office miracle.

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New York Time Square media broadcast, contact for more information.

New York NASDAQ Digital Screen (Left side of Time Square)

The NASDAQ screen is considered as the ‘the biggest screen of the world’ which represents the peak of the wealth and the greatest honor. It’s 25.6m in length, 36.5m in height, located on between Broadway and 43rd street. This iconic LED display stands over seven stories tall. It is capable of full-motion video, live simulcasted events, interactive engagement, and social media feeds making this one of the most powerful and evocative DOOH displays in all of Times Square. The screen will display live broadcasts of every major world events and also is the ideal advertising location for the Global 500 enterprises.

Reuters Digital Screen (Right side of Time Square )

Covering an area of 714.8 square meters, located on between 7th Ave and 43rd street and standing at 22 stories tall, the Thomson Reuters sign consists of 11 uniquely-sized, high definition LED screens and state-of-the-art technology capable of full-motion video, simulcast events, mobile interactivity, social media integration and much more. It shows prominently to the hundreds of thousands of vehicles and pedestrians that make their way through Times Square each day. In addition, this iconic display lies directly adjacent to 1 Times Square, home of the famous New Year's Eve Ball.

Time Square middle screen (Middle of Time Square)

The screen is in the center of the Time Square. The crystal ball falls on every new year’s eve. It’s 16.1m in length, 12.8m in height, located on between Broadway and 43rd street. This iconic unit is positioned at the most prominent focal point in all of Times Square. Poised directly above the famous New Year’s Eve Ball, this unit not only displays to the one million people that pack Times Square on December 31st, but also to the one billion people worldwide who watch the televised broadcast.