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All Turn Into One

写在第一篇关于“心壹麦宇”, “心壹” 比喻生命本源之心的唯一, “麦宇” 象征浩瀚无际的万物存在,无论是个体其小无内的唯一,或是宇宙其大无外的合一,都具足了无限的智慧。

This article is about Centreone Entertainment. In Chinese, ‘Centreone’ translates as ‘Xin Yi’—meaning ‘one heart’ or that which is the origin of all life—while ‘Mai Yu’ symbolizes the existence of the vast universe. Both the uniqueness of an ever smaller individual and the unification of an ever larger universe are overflowing with infinite wisdom.

The Mind is What Dominates Principles.


In this ever-changing world, everything we experience is reflected in our minds. Compared with the billions of years since the creation of our universe, a period of only around 30,000 days through a human life existence is tiny. And, it is precisely that unknown infiniteness which fills us with constant awe. Nevertheless, even infinitesimally small particles are endowed with wisdom and each and every life is internally self-contained.

So, what triggers an individual’s imbalance of his or her internal completeness?



In the current Dharma-Ending Age, people have indulged in creating, extracting, and consuming more and more materials for life and have taken pleasure in giving a variety of definitions to these materials. Endless amounts of information have given birth to complex and superimposed standards and concepts. In this way, life is bound by our self-created information about these materials and by its obsession with its own limited internal cognition.

Furthermore, various cognitive procedures act as barriers between us and our internal connections and they fail to be revealed. We are more accustomed to mental thought processes than we are to following the heart. What mental thought leads to is the composition of past memories and an imagined future—which in turn creates a virtual world which may not be factual.For the life-carrying consciousness of the multitudes, how many minds can be revived over numerous generations?


When we finally start to care about the emergence of life, awaken ourselves to the inner power, and rid ourselves of the uncertainty in our limited cognition, only then can we discover our true nature and allow our true mind to glow a new and unique color at the moment we move beyond our cognition. The uniqueness originating from the mind is revealed in each of us to give a comprehensive picture of every life’s internal completeness, to provide an understanding and respect for each existing individual’s uniqueness, and finally to promote a reunification in which the energies of the multitude are harmoniously connected.


To understand the mind before everything, we must first let everything go, get rid of them, and stop being obsessed with being created by them. Only then will the mind reveal itself—and that is precisely the moment when we can soothe our souls and lives, uncover more opportunities to improve our current cognitive processes, and initiate the introspection of mentality, the freedom of disposition, and the liberty of soul.


With a caring mind, we will find that we are connected to the things we experience—for example, with a pair of chopsticks used during a simple meal, with those who plant or fell trees for making chopsticks, and with those who manufacture, package, sell, and transport chopsticks. From the day when it is manufactured to the day when it is used, such a simple article is surely to be handled via numerous processes.




When we are so used to the going with the flow, how can we despise our own unique existence? The absence of the unique expression and support offered by each individual within the multitude could stagnate the world. Similarly, regardless of the kind of roles we play in ever-changing time and space, we can always withdraw from the perspective of the group to that of the individual mind for self-consciousness, self-discipline, and spontaneity. In this way, we can uncover our core of awareness as well as the essence of life. When we respect and understand the uniqueness expressed by each individual in this mortal world, we will find that every entity is filled with love and that they will not and cannot be separated from one another.

当越来越多的新意识文化的选择和创造提升我们的环境,允许个体的“一”活出它的整体,见证着越来越多生命找到最擅长喜悦兴奋的,去感受连接和表达,那就在真正的“一”的状态;超越可见的存在状态,每一个自己作为物质、人性意识、精神以及神性存有的全部存在状态完全协调起来, 无数个“一”将生生不息创造连接更大的“一”,即是人,亦是神, 即是一,亦是一切。【2】

Genuine uniqueness can be revealed if the selection and creation of new consciousness and cultures helps to optimize our environment—allowing individuals to fully expressive their uniqueness, to experience numerous lives to find out what they are talented at or what pleases them the most, or to experience more connections. By virtue of such uniqueness and beyond the visible state of existence, individuals—acting as entities integrating life material, human consciousness, spirituality, and divinity—can be coordinated and numerous unique characters will create and connect with a larger uniqueness endlessly. In this way, humans can act with miracles, while an individual can embody everything into one.

Perceive everything in an unperturbed mind, understand the uniqueness of the mind before everything.

心壹麦宇影视文化从心启动,将影像视觉作为最好的文化载体和意识传播工具,把关于身心灵、关于品牌的核心情感、关于宇宙万物的生命智慧,通过多元化的文化载体表达出来。从“有形”的创造作品,传达“无形”的文化品质, 从个体唯一的分享,连接万物合一的共享。

The Centreone Entertainment Company is founded on the concept of the orign of mind and upholds the power of the visual creations as the best channel for culture and the communication of consciousness. By way of numerous and diversified carriers of culture, core feelings about mind, body, spirit, and brand, as well as individual wisdom about the universe, can be extracted from tangible compositions and converted into intangible cultural qualities—thus achieving a connection between an individual’s unique offering and an offering of unification.


All Turn Into One.

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