About Us

About Us



Centreone is an international boutique production company based in Shanghai. The company is dedicated to deliver film and artistic content with the purpose of producing world class work for the Chinese market and worldwide.

Centreone has been built up an integrated network for international production services and resources from china and oversea. Today we represent award-winning directors and artists exclusively in China and produce a variety of short-form content—from TVCs, micro-movies, event videos, industrials to be- hind-the-scenes – as well as print.

In order to engage with further influence of branding and life cultures , Centreone also extend the business scope to various industries and sectors, covering TV thematic content , documentary films and other new medias productions.

Centreone believe in providing an inspiring home for our talent and our unification is reflected in our culture and through our work. Alongside our partners all around the world we craft compelling content across advertising, entertainment, documentary and the arts.

We serve as a trusted team member of our clients, do every work conscientiously and attentively, take good care on our each case and every customer , adhere to the purpose of brand influence, think more and do the best for our clients, to award admiration and trust with each actual success.

Centreone would like take a transmedia approach using visual art as a tool to deliver visual specular and emotional value, filled our works with artistic creations and humanistic concern.

Our aim is to arouse awareness and provoke thought, to help shed light on the journey of wisdom, spirit freedom, love , to help people explore to see the truth of life and abundant world.

We believe that all things are all integrated as one, we respect and give thanks for every moment of creation.
We believe miracles of infinity, to make great effects for obtaining precious experience and wisdom.
We help blend art into commercial , and link service with trust.

All turn into one.


Founder , Xintai Feng

Commercial Film Director,Producer,Artist

Master of Film & TV production

University of Bristol,UK

30 + international countries seeker

10years + professional experience in Creative and Art

Produced works won numerous international industry awards

100+ celebrity visual content

100+ brand films

Produced or Directed award works

Zegna – “Celebrity Fashion Film”

Bronze Award of China Brand Marketing Awards


Lycra – Love Will Never Run

Bronze Award of ROI advertising festival

BMW M – “The Hunt”Interactive film

Silver Award of  ROI advertising festival


Lamborgini – “Reborn” Interactive Film

Gold Award of  ROI advertising festival

Lianz – Chen Dao Ming: A Journey of Simplicity in Northern Europe

Silver award of  China content Marketing Awards

Senova – Town of Legends TVC, starring Nicholas Cage

Silver Award of  ROI advertising festival

Nike – Winter Battles

Bronze Award of  ROI advertising festival

Bronze Award of  Cannes Lions advertising festival

Xintai Feng is the Founder&CEO of Centreone Entertainment. She holds a M.A. in Film & TV Production in the University of Bristol and bachelor in Artistic Design in China Normal University.

Prior to founding centreone, Xintai Feng spent more than 10 years of experience in the production industry, as TV Director, Art Director, and Producer. During 2010-2016 working as general manager & executive producer in one of leading international production companies based in shanghai, Xintai Feng has a proven ability to generate revenue and other performance outcomes through ideation, fulfilling commercial opportunities, and leading the strategic development and execution of business growth initiatives.

Xintai have been working with numerous renowned directors and celebrities on micro movies, documentaries and TV commercials for brands including Cartier, Nike, Coca-Cola, BMW, Dunhill, Martel, L’Oreal, Motorola, Philips, McDonald’s, Heineken, Toyota, Lexus and Peugeot. Many of her produced works have been awarded by the gold and silver wards of the industry. Some of her designed and directed art works have been selected by art exhibition and online channel in UK.

Her combination of overseas education and experiences bring her a unique and extensive international skillset and perspective to every project she touches. From emotive story, visual fashion to documentary, different types of film can be presented with unique aesthetic style, fluent visual language and a good sense of rhythm.

Meanwhile, Xintai is also active in building bridge for the east and west culture, where she is member of China Youth Returnee Association and The Chinese Returnee UK Alumni

Most recently from 2016, Xintai deepened her exploration of spirit, life, and culture through the studies and researches at most popular cultural centers in China and abroad, the experience will help centreone shed light on the relationship between the destiny of individual and that of mankind as a species.


For much of history, humans were focused only on survival, on the self and personal destiny. Nowadays, attention has begun to move away from the destiny of an individual to that of the collective. People are considering their quality of life, the future and the direction in which humans are moving as a species.

The coming of the new “life” era means the culture and substance of human cannot be replaced. Centreone’s aim is to arouse awareness and provoke thought, to help shed light on the relationship between the destiny of individual and that of mankind as a species.

Centreone would like take a transmedia approach using visual art as a tool to see and experience wisdom, spirit, truth of the universe and life across from the short movies, documentary, films, visual books and other diversified cultural medias.


The infinitely stretching looping lines form the shape of a heart, focusing on a concentric circle, thus creating the theme of ‘one heart’.

The infinitely stretching lines flow from the outside to the center. From a certain distance and angle, the graph transforms from two dimensions to three dimensions. It symbolizes the Multidimensional transformation and the expansion of space.

The concentric circle in the center symbolizes the original force of the universe. The force from the fixed center expands outside which symbolizes the original power of everything.

The logo is designed to be “simple, solemn and profound” which perfectly suits Centreone’s company culture. Its “open, concentration, innovation and international” qualities evoke an immediate creative feeling. Its profound artistic conception can provide “immediate peace” to people’s impetuous souls.

“All is one. Peaceful as still water that reflects everything.”